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Spy Code Break Free Game

Recommended Age: 6+

Spy Code – Break Free is a unique puzzle game that involves solving challenging mazes to break out of your handcuffs. The play starts with two or more players handcuffed together. Insert the maze into your handcuff. Each color maze has a different level of difficulty.  The main aim is to use your key, to unlock yourself and break out!! The fastest to break out wins the game.Break Free comes with twelve unique mazes with three difficulty levels. 

Included in Box:
  • 4x Handcuffs
  • 4x Maze Covers
  • 4x Lock Picks
  • 4x Easy Level green mazes
  • 4x Intermediate Level Yellow mazes
  • 4x Advanced Level Red Mazes
  • 12x Tokens
  • 1 x Game Rules Booklet

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