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We are a research-based learning and educational toy company dedicated to the development of improved modern methods for “active and fun learning”.

At Bloomby, we believe empirical scientific research is at the heart of quality development of toys.  Research answers questions that need solving and producing better products that are better for children in the long run. 

Bloomby’s wood toys are made from choice rubber trees produced at the source country where the rubber trees are grown in Thailand. Because our products are produced in the source country with no exportation, the wood is preservative-free and non-chemically treated, all naturally processed. The paint used is safe, water-based paints with no harmful additives or colorings.  The glue used is non-formaldehyde, non-toxic and emission-free. Our rubberwood itself is strong, flexible, heirloom quality wood that possesses natural properties that make it resistant to fungi, bacteria, and molds.

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