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My Weird School 21 Book Set - Harper Collins - eBeanstalk

My Weird School 21 Book Set

This is a 21 Book Box Set of My Weird School Series by Dan Gutman.

This is a silly series for beginning readers. At Ella Mentry School, all the grown-ups are quite weird in their own weird way. The main characters are A.J. (a boy who doesn't like school) and his arch-enemy Andrea Young (who loves school and everything else A.J. hates).

The titles are (take a deeeeep breath):

- Miss Daisy is Crazy!

- Mr. Klutz is Nuts!

- Mrs. Roopy is Loopy!

- Ms. Hannah is Bananas!

- Miss Small is Off the Wall!

- Mr. Hynde is Out of His Mind!

- Mrs. Cooney is Loony!

- Ms. LaGrange is Strange!

- Miss Lazar is Bizarre!

- Mr. Docker is Off His Rocker!

- Mrs. Kormel is Not Normal!

- Ms. Todd is Odd!

- Mrs. Patty is Batty!

- Miss Holly is Too Jolly!

- Mr. Macky is Wacky!

- Ms. Coco is Loco!

- Miss Suki is Kooky!

- Mrs. Yonkers is Bonkers!

- Dr. Carbles is Losing His Marbles!

- Mr. Louie is Screwy!

- Ms. Krup Cracks Me Up!

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