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Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science


The grossest, most revolting science kit out there. Surprising or not - kids love it!

Discover what creatures live on YOU! Collect bacteria from your toes, your nose, your home or pets and then watch what cultures grow! Kids love to use their imagination to plan experiments & grow cultures of icky bacteria.

Fun play for kids that's captivating & educational. Make fake blood, mucus, and a smelly intestine while learning about the scientific process and reasons for bodily functions too.

From a kid's perspective it's every bit of awesome! Think up germ habitats to put into petri dishes. Watch, wait... Kids, get ready for more fun!

Safe, kid-friendly contents:

- Gelatin

- Sugar

- Yeast

- Balloon

- Cotton swabs

- Food color

- Petri dishes

Collect bacteria from toes, nose, home or pets & watch what cultures grow!

Learn the science behind bodily functions

Make germs, mold, blood, more

Appreciated by young children & pre-teens

Well organized kit design

Safe, kid friendly contents

Full instructions

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