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Zoob Sports - InfiniToy - eBeanstalk

Zoob Sports

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Recommended Age: 8+

ZOOB pieces snap, click, and pop together in 20 different ways, so there's no limit to what kids can build.

And because ZOOB pieces can move, kids can play with their creations, instead of just looking at them. ZOOB is great for boys and for girls, and its open-ended building encourages kids to learn, explore, and create using the most important tool of all: their imaginations.

Kids can create simple models in minutes, or get absorbed and spend hours at a time. There's no limit to what they can build: from animals to aliens, from dinosaurs to DNA. In this ZOOB set, children can build any of the 10 sports and arcade game illustrated in the set, and then play with them.

And since the creative options are endless, kids can create something else - limited only by their imagination.

The ZOOB Sport building set includes 150 'classic' ZOOB pieces, 2 hi-bounce balls and other accessories to create the sporting activities they want.

Also includes instructions to build over 30 other 'classic' ZOOB creations. First kids build any of the 10 sports and arcade games then they play with them then try another one.

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